EP 05 'The Sailing Family & The Family of Sailing' - The voyage to the captain's chair.

Posted on 29th January, 2024


This episode is dedicated to the memory of 'Mark Blatcher'. Our hearts go out to Jane, Ben & Jaque. As we began our voyage with our boat SV Spirit we were kindly offered the support and knowledge of a select group of sailors. Mark, Tim & Ben gave us the support to start our journey.


This support is very much the spirit of the 'Family of Sailing' and the community has a big heart and soul as you will see in this video. Jeff and Marie our water neighbours later joined the crew of SV Spirit as Ocean educated his way into the Captain's chair and our Sailing family continues to grow and learn, journey by journey.


I would like to thank Ben Blatcher for his help with the tribute to his Dad and Tim Stevenson for his great contributions to this video. Thanks also to Simon Williams for his video footage. It is truly the family of sailing that makes these voyages and videos possible.


Music by @HopeAndSocial and @oceanreid

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